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By:  California attorney Michael Worthington dba Interactive Law Center

Are you over your head in debt?

Is your home in foreclosure?

Are you being harassed relentlessly by creditors?

Have you lost your job?

Wiped out by medical bills?

Struggling to keep you business alive?

Relax: You can get expert assistance right now!
You don't have to go on agonizing over these problems...
There are ways to get relief!

We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

*NOTICE: The changes in Federal Bankruptcy Law that took effect in 2005 make it harder to discharge your debts, but for many people bankruptcy is still the best way to resolve financial problems. In this rapidly changing economic environment prompt assessment of the bankruptcy alternative can clarify what actions you should take now, whether or not you end up filing for relief. If you're contemplating bankruptcy,the beneficial effects for your financial future can be greatly enhanced by careful planning and execution.

In many cases after all efforts to accomplish loan modification have been exhausted, it turns out that Chapter 13 is the final step. Court relief is necessary, for example, to "strip" a junior lien.

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